In 2011 I began my relationship with yoga, strictly in my living room from time to time and never at a studio. I was worried about my extreme beginner status and felt intimidated, so I just stuck to random YouTube sessions and DVD’s whenever the mood struck. In 2013 during my second pregnancy, I decided to give it another shot. Desperate for relief from the physical aches and pains and determined to have an easier birth, I began attending prenatal yoga religiously and I was hooked. The change in the way my body felt was amazing and I had a renewed sense of calm and focus. Just like that, the spark was ignited.

Soul City Yoga was born out of my love of Yoga and the city of Lynn. As a Lynn native, I wanted to create a community space where people could center and achieve personal growth as well as feel connected to their neighbors. My goal is to dissolve the Westernized image of yoga by creating an all-inclusive environment that welcomes and sees the value in all people.  I invite any and everyone to come and check us out and feel comfortable no matter your skill level. I am honored to bring this space to the city of Lynn and i am excited to share it with all of you!



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