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Chakra Workshop

Feeling like you could use a “Clearing & Balancing"
Physically? Spiritually? Emotionally?
From time to time we may begin feeling sluggish, heavy and blocked. We know we want to feel energized, motivated and vibrant for all that life has to offer, but don’t always know exactly what we need to do.
All body systems have an interconnected relationship to one another, the culture and the universe. The Chakra System, originating from within the ancient Yoga teachings of India, offer one of the most comprehensive yet simple paradigms for translating and weaving the magical with the practical for insight and self knowledge.

This highly experiential workshop will offer extensive information and tools on how to identify and develop a deeper awareness of these subtle layers and centers that can improve the quality of our lives and well being. Any area of personal concern can be supported by the illumination of how our spiritual and natural life force is wired throughout our physical, mental and emotional life experience.

Please join us as we:

Identify the specific characteristics within the seven major chakra centers in the body and how they coordinate with each other.

Learn a simple, yet profound variety of yoga, pranayama, meditation, imagery and self care strategies to awaken, re -balance and invigorate our life force.

Cost: $25

$20 for Members